Why Can’t I Sleep? Could Stress Be The Cause Of My Insomnia?

Why Can’t I Sleep? Could Stress Be The Cause Of My Insomnia?

Firstly consider what is going on in your life at present? Is stress high? Are there problems at work or home?

Stress is one of the leading causes of health problems and sleep is frequently affected. Why? Because stress affects the chemical and nutritional balances within the body. When you are stressed the body can lose magnesium, a relaxant mineral that is deficient in many of us. There are many other symptoms of magnesium deficiency, but taking a magnesium supplement may be helpful.

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Stress also affects cortisol levels – the hormone that is produced by your adrenal glands. Cortisol levels should be high at certain times of the day to keep you alert and low at other times to promote sleep. This balance can become reversed making you alert at night and sleepy in the mornings.

Next, think about if you are working with or against your body’s natural (circadian) rhythm. Your inbuilt clock wants you to go to bed a few hours after dark and get up with the sunrise. Regularly staying up to watch TV or play on the computer disrupts good sleep habits.

Another common cause is diet. Wherever possible avoid eating late at night and avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, cola, or drinks containing guarana? If you have slow Phase 1 Liver function just one cup of coffee in the afternoon could keep you awake for hours.

Of course there are many natural supplements that can be taken to relax the body. But first talk to your naturopath about the most likely cause of your sleep difficulty. Ask your naturopath to order you a test for adrenal hormones if you are stressed or have sleep problems. And remember; always work on the cause not the symptoms.

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