These Weather Girls Will Light Up Any Cloudy Day

These Weather Girls Will Light Up Any Cloudy Day


Weather Girls: Presenting the weather forecast on TV has always been a task for beautiful young women with an interest in meteorology. These brilliant young women do not only look fine on the screen, but also have degrees in subjects ranging from broadcast journalism to meteorology. They contradict any commonplaces about good-looking women and prove anyone wrong who says beautiful ladies and smart ladies are two different genres.


1.    : Sonya Hill

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Beauty pageants and an ambassador work for Harley Davidson. – This beautiful lady from the Lone Star State had her beauty widely acknowledged and admired even before landing at a TV station. Later she showed her intellectual abilities with graduating at Texas A&M University, and also with her job as a weather anchor and a reporter. After three years of working in these jobs she landed a job at KZTC Action 10 News in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she has been reporting the weather ever since.

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