The Ultimate Ways Of Increasing Breast Size

The Ultimate Ways Of Increasing Breast Size

Breast Size plays very important roll in women’s beauty. small and saggy breasts are against the beauty of women.  Saggy breasts make you to look ugly, weak and less confident. So, the desire to enlarge breast size is the natural.


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Breast size depends on the level of estrogen in the human body. The women with higher level of estrogen have big bigger breast comparing to a lower level estrogen lady.  No doubt Breast Size is very important. Bigger breast attracts the people and add charm to women’s beauty. This bigger breast size helps you to make you more social resulting success in many fields.

To make breast bigger you have to change your life style and your diet plan.

Here are Some Ultimate ways to Increase Breast Size:

  • From Food
  • From Massage

Foods That increase Estrogen:

The lake of harmones in body is the biggest cause of small breasts.  If woman has big quantity of  male Harmones (testosterone) in her body then the growth of breast stopped. Therefore the ratio of estrogen should be balanced in women body. And it is possible through food that increase Estrogen.

  • Soya bean is full of natural protein. You can use Soya milk and soya Drinks ( Like Alpro Soya Range )
  • Milk is the best source of natural Estrogen. Specially girls who drink milk from their childhood have never face this problem.
  • Strawberry is the Best Fruit for female beauty. It has anthocyanins which keeps your skin cells healthy.
  • seasame is the best food for increasing breast size. U can eat seeds of Sun flower,melon and  other natural seeds.
  • Use Yam not also increase the breast beauty but also dispel the Missing Periods.
  • Use Turmeric,ginger,garlic and clova in your meal.
  • Anise seeds increase the size of breast after  delivery and also increase the Breast Milk.
  • Drink water as much u can.
  • Sleep well and relaxed.

Massage Of Breasts:

Breasts massage not increase your breast size but also makes your breast beautiful and visible. It also prevent from Breast cancer. If you want to see clear results then use of Bra is essential Because from no use of bra Lymphatic System dries and breasts become saggy and Loose.  According to a research women feel Incessantly increasing in their size of breasts and not only they increased breast beauty but also feel mentally relaxation. Therefore Thailand Health Department makes breast massage the part of daily exercise.

Method Of Breast massage:

  • Take a best cream which you are using daily, Mix 2 table spoon almond oil in it.
  • Apply it on breasts and do massage softly
  • Massage left to right and anti clock wise
  • Do this massage 2 times a day,specially after bath
  • Must Do Push Ups, it adds fat in your breasts

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Chinese Researchers believes that Simmering and tickling  on feet palms also helps breasts to improve and increase the breast size.

These are the Ultimate ways of Increasing Breast Size Hope you Like it. Appreciate us by giving comments below