Stone bathtubs designs are taking over!

Stone bathtubs designs are taking over!

Some call them luxurious, some call them unconventional. One thing is absolutely certain – natural stone bathtubs definitely draw lots of attention. These special products are becoming a popular choice for those interested in more ambitous interior design. But there is more than meets the eye! Some mysteries of stone bathtubs still remain obscure.

What is the temperature of stone bathtubs?

There is an ongoing online debate whether natural stone tubs are cold. Some people decide to end the discussion hearing the cold rock theory, while others defend rock bathtubs in this argument. Truth is, it can never be judged without a context. Let us imagine installing the bathtub in a beautiful but challenging region of Lower Austria. The weather can be severe, and stone in general is a material that absorbs the surrounding temperature. In these conditions, every single bathtub will have a hard time to warm up. However, once it does, it will keep the water comfortably warm much longer than any other bathtub. You can easily translate it into a room temperature now – cold rock is not so bad after all.

It is true that this kind of products are not made for everybody, but that is exactly what makes them special. They surely require some planning ahead before they can work their magic in a bathroom or any other place, but they are definitely worth considering. In the world of rapidly changing fashions and trends stone bathtubs will definitely remain timeless thanks to their durability and natural aesthetics.

Design dictated by stone bathtubs

Every design project has its constraints size-wise, totally understandable. That is why it is important to bring up the subject of a stone bathtub’s weight. It comes as no surprise that boulder tubs are not as light as classic acrylic or porcelain freestanding tubs. The former can weigh up to 2500 pounds which is roughly 1100 kilograms. It may be a deal-breaker for some constructions high above the ground, but keep in mind that the weight spreads across the bathtub’s surface area so the pressure is never focused on one small point of the floor. Lesson learned from faqeers! No need to mention that the weight is never a significant issue when the tub is placed on the ground floor or garden.

Speaking of gardens, the stone bathtubs are probably one of the best choices if you need an outdoor tub. They are suitable for all climates and weather conditions, and their maintenance is really not difficult. An equally important factor is obviously the aesthetics. There is no need to book a plane to Bali or a different part of Asia in order to enjoy the exceptional experience of bathing in a boulder. All you need to do is fill it with water of the right temperature and you are good to go. It actually gets interesting when we move to the subject of water temperature.

More information about stone bathtubs and stone washbasins can be found on the Lux4home website.