Skiing Safety

Skiing Safety


Lea Deux Alpes, Chamonix, Whistler .. all popular destinations for avid skiers to head off and test the powders for their holiday.

But the reputation of the resorts is just as much down to the chalet activites, and not just the skiing and snowboarding.  Skiiers have been warned that reckless behaviour on the slopes and excess alcohol consumption could result in them being granted less freedom on the slopes, following a series of accidents and deaths in this snow this winter.

Skiing Safety

Ryan Shorthouse, writing for the Daily Mail, said that carefree behaviour and heavy drinking can be a “toxic mix” when combined with skiing.

“To defend the freedoms that skiers currently have, skiers are going to have to behave more responsibly,” he added. A quarter of holidaymakers admit to drinking four units directly before skiing, he noted, and the trend for necking gluwein (warm wine) at lunch mean many more accidents in ski resorts occur in the afternoon. However, skiers can still put themselves and others at risk if they drink alcohol up to 12 hours before hopping on the chairlift, he added.

The après ski is as appealing as the actual piste, but results across men and women in Austria has found that skiers are consuming 114 units on their holidays, more than three times the recommended limit. A recent survey by the Ski Club of Great Britain also revealed more than half of skiers choose to hit the slopes without Travel Insurance .  It is recommended that if you ski more than once in the year, that you take out an.

– Annual Travel Insurance policy, wich means you are covered ofr 365 days of the year. Some countries are now considering increased regulations for skiers, such as piste police and speed limits.

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