Sensational Weight Loss Plan Keeps This Family Healthy

Sensational Weight Loss Plan Keeps This Family Healthy

Weight loss takes a lot of effort, both physically and mentally. It’s very important to have someone at hand who can help you endure, even when you feel like giving up. A Chinese photographer enrolled his whole family to take part on a common weight loss journey. The result: not only amazing body transformations and better health, but also a stronger bond as a family.

All for one, one for all

Weight Loss 01

A Chinese photographer, who signs his works as Jesse had his parents around the house during his wife’s pregnancy to help her on the rough way of motherhood. When he discovered that his dad’s health was at risk by being overweight and by his alcohol addiction, he found out how to help him, and all his family on his way to weight loss and sobriety. He also documented the family’s journey on sensational photos, which you can see in our compilation.

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