Planning A Family In Darwin? Tips For Pregnancy And Preconception. Pt 1.

Planning A Family In Darwin? Tips For Pregnancy And Preconception. 

Are You Having Problems Building Your Happy Family? Statistically Speaking – 15-18% Of Couples Will Be Labelled Infertile Having Experienced Problems With Fertility For 12 Months Or More. Thankfully With A Little Planning Conception Occurs Naturally For Most Couples, Without Drugs, Surgical Or Technological Interventions. In Fact I Am Frequently Amazed Just How Easily A Couple Who Report Years Of Infertility, Can Conceive With Just A Few Small Changes To Their Diet And Lifestyle. Could It Be That The Body Is Smarter Than We Think And Only Wants To Reproduce When You Are Ready Physically And Emotionally??

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Do not under estimate the importance of family planning and preconception care.The whole preconception phase of any natural treatment program is designed to optimize your health and the health of your yet to be built baby. Whilst most people consider that their responsibility as a parent starts the day the baby is born or when conception occurs, I like to think that responsibility starts prior to conception. Some pre planning can make a complete difference to the health of your baby. Incredibly research is now showing that the health of the parents at the time of conception can influence health and disease development right into their child’s adult life.

But of course it is important to consider not only your ability to conceive but also to deliver a healthy baby. This idea tends to be lost on many people who all too quickly participate in IVF. Sadly conception with IVF does not always result in a healthy baby. Miscarriages are far more likely if issues such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance (linked with PCO’s) or imbalances of the immune system have not been dealt with prior. From experience, I know that these issues are frequently not identified nor addressed with some medically oriented conception programs.

Not convinced that you need to do a preconception program? Here’s a nasty fact that might make you think again! Toxins pass through the placenta of the mother. The chemical levels of new born babies have been measured using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and disturbingly around 250 chemicals have been found. It is therefore not surprising that the occurrence of childhood health disorders such as ADHD, autism and allergy are rapidly increasing.

Can you as an expectant parent afford not to plan ahead and be the most healthy you can be? Part of your family planning must be to optimize your own health to ensure the ongoing lifelong health of your child. Much like building a house – the foundations are vitally important.