Limit consumption of soft drinks and sugary beverages, if you want to live longer

Limit consumption of soft drinks and sugary beverages, if you want to live longer

Bad news for people who love to consume sugary beverages or soft drinks on a regular basis. A new study was conducted for 19 years on almost half a million people from 10 different European countries for studying the impact of drinking soda or sugary beverages regularly. People who consumed more than two glasses per day were at elevated risk of dying from any disease as compared to individuals who drank less than a glass per month.

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A study published recently in JAMA internal medicine stated that people who consumed such sugar-based beverages regularly had a significantly higher threat of digestive disorders. Those individuals who consumed diet drinks were at an elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases. Evidence from the research proposes that high blood sugar, as well as high consumption of sugar, is linked to impairment of the gut barrier. Also, high consumption of soft drinks is linked to an enhanced risk of Parkinson’s disease but not cancer or Alzheimer’s.

A few months back, American heart association published a study which stated consuming two glasses of artificially sweetened drinks is associated with elevated risk of heart attacks and premature deaths in women over age 50. The risk is highest for those women with no medical history of heart diseases. Another research suggests association between diet drinks and type 2 diabetes, dementia, metabolic syndrome, etc.

These study results are observational and unbale to demonstrate cause and effect. Researchers have stated that it is not possible to precisely determine due to which artificial sweetener or beverage, or any underlying health issue. Consuming about four and more drinks with artificial sweetener is tied to premature deaths in women mainly due to cardiovascular diseases. These research results suggest limiting consumption of carbonated beverages, artificially sweetened drinks, etc. Reducing consumption of these beverages is possible if sugar craving is satisfied with natural sweeteners such as fruits.