How To Prevent and Treat Bruising after Surgery?

How To Prevent and Treat Bruising after Surgery?

Bruising could be as a result of blood leaking from capillaries which have been ruptured underneath the skin. It can be as a result of trauma or because of deficiency in some nutrients or disorders in the mechanisms for blood clotting.

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It is very common to bruise after surgery. Majority of times even after careful cauterization of the little blood vessels in an operation,. Few bleeders around the tissues and muscles begin to ooze again as blood pressure becomes normalized. The bleeding isn’t serious but mild and dripping.

Bruising is usually not a condition which is serious but it can make things look unappealing for a few days after surgery, precisely surgery on parts of the body which are exposed and on the face.

Post surgical bruising also happens when the surgeon has not utilized vacuum wound drain. Post surgical bruising clears away eventually after some days, meanwhile some changes may be noticed in the skin color of the area that was bruised.

There are specific things that can aid in averting bruising after surgery.

  • If you are consuming aspirin or medicines for blood thinning, always tell the surgeon ahead. The risk of excessive post operative bleeding and bruising is minimized if aspirin is avoided one to two weeks before surgery is carried out
  • Appropriate Cauterizing and suturing of the blood vessels during surgery always averts bruising in excess.
  • Utilizing of homeopathic medicine arnica some days before surgery is carried our aids in reducing post operative bruising. The preparation of Arnica is carried out from the plant Arnica Montana. It is successfully utilized in the treatment of stiffness, bruising and pain. The medicine has the capacity to keep platelets stable and that stops the bruise from spreading. The prevention of bruising after surgery is crucial for a person going through face lift surgery or any cosmetic surgery carried out on the face.
  • Various times, to avert surplus bleeding or when there in vitamin k deficiency. Vitamin k shots are provided before the surgery to stop surplus bruising and bleeding.
  • The head should be kept elevated after surgery has been carried out on the face. It will help in minimizing the amount of blood flow and aid in averting the bruising rate
  • Contolled activity after operation enables bruises to vanish fast.
  • Vitamin C should be taken 3 to 5 days prior to surgery. Vitamin C aids in strengthening the capillaries and averts surplus bruising after surgery.

How to Treat and Reduce Bruising after Surgery

  • Utilizing cold compresses on the bruise elevates the process of healing and the bruise may vanish in a few days if it even comes up
  • Homeopathic medicine Arnica Montana aids in resolving bruising as well as the dark discoloration on the skin as a result of post operative bruise.
  • Heat should never be applied on a bruise as it will further worsen the condition
  • Fruits and drinks consisting of vitamin C should be consumed. It aids in resolving bruises.
  • Vitamin K consisting of ointments and gels should be applied on the post operative bruise. Vitamin K helps in efficiently minimizing the discoloration as a result of bruise. It also aids in strengthening the blood vessels.
  • Witch hazel should be applied. Clean wash cloth or sterilized gauze should be applied to produce witch hazel cold compresses.
  • Food containing anti oxidants should be consumed. They elevate the process of recovery and quickly absorb bruises. Raspberries, lean protein, beat roots, carrots, green leafy, cabbages among others.