Get Social and Get Fit!

Get Social and Get Fit!

Could seeing that your Facebook buddies are running every day make you want to run, too? It might. Research is showing that social media may have an impact on changing your diet and exercise habits.

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A study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that subjects who used social media were more successful at weight loss than those who didn’t. Another study in the same journal came to a similar conclusion. It found that self-directed interventions, such as email counseling and online social support, can independently promote weight loss and increase face-to-face support.

You can use your smartphone as a diet and exercise log, share photos of your meals and action “selfies” to hundreds of followers and report to your network about your diet and exercise accomplishments. If you decide to run a 10K, for example, you could even tell the world while you’re running it and let their
comments of encouragement spur you on.


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