Our emotional life runs alongside us in everything we do.
Even if we can’t identify what the emotion is  (“I don’t know
how I feel!”) it is still something being felt.

When (if) we are allowed to freely express our thoughts and
ideas, expectations and goals, they will always be accompanied by an

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Learning to identify what emotions are being experiences allows
the smart person smartcouple to experience life to the full.

Here are some words that describe feelings, broken into the four
major areas: Happiness, Fear, Sadness and Anger:

Happiness: joyful, cheerful,
contented, optimistic, ecstatic, excited, stimulated, calm,
free, vivacious, exhilarated. 

Fear: panic, insecure, worried,
frustrated, concern, anxious, jittery, stressed, dismayed,
apprehensive, suspicious.

Sadness: depressed, bleak, dejected,
down, hopelessness, sorrowful, despondent, miserable, moody, low,

Anger: resentful, impatient,
aggressive, furious, outraged, peeved, passionate, irritable,
violent, hateful, indignant.

These are just a few examples of the major emotions you might
feel… and there are many more: try ignoring guilt and shame to
name another two.

When our partner or friends or someone in our family is telling
us things, pay attention to the underlying, between-the-lines
meanings.  This is the hidden gold of our relationships.
When people get that you “get” them they will be friends for ever.
When you know your friends understand what you really mean you will
want to be friends with them forever.


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Speaking your mind; Telling people what you want/feel

yourself.  Telling people what you are feeling is far harder
than telling what you think.

When we can say what we really want to say, when we feel open to
being vulnerable, our friends, family and partner usually understand
are they are usually empathic and helpful.

In order for you to be able to speak freely you will have to know
what you are feeling, what your emotional connection with the
current event is to the old event, feeling, frustration or

What is that feeling? | Emotions

One problem with emotions is that often we know we are
experiencing something but we don’t know what it is.  This is
sometimes the result of old feelings swamping current issues or
being angry but not knowing what the anger is about.  Could it
be something that happened yours ago and is lying somewhere within
you as resentment.  Losing a pet (being sad) at an early age
and nobody understanding how you felt may be experienced today as
anger when you feel sad or betrayed.

Realising that our emotions are sometimes not as easily
identified as we might think can be a frustration… for ourselves
and and our friends, family and partner.

He’s a pain in the neck

If it is true that our emotions are trapped in our body, maybe it
is not just the back-breaking work you are doing that is causing the
muscle aches and pains.  Maybe it is a frustration or
unresolved issue that causes those pains.

Happiness, Love and Sex | Emotions

Happiness, love and sex are not to be demanded. Once you impose
conditions on your happiness you will be forever haunted by the
should, must, got-to, of relationships.  It is inevitable your
expectations will fall short of the reality of your situation.

Love is a fickle mistress.  Successful love relationships
always look at “love” from the side, at a glance, fleeting touches
of ecstasy make love the most talked about subject in the universe.
Almost every film, book, song, opera, painting is about humankind’s
quest for understanding and love.

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