Caring for Your Lips after Receiving Filler Injections

Caring for Your Lips after Receiving Filler Injections

So you finally decided to get lip fillers and you can’t wait to see the final results but what should you do after your appointment?

This article will provide you with some simple, yet effective tips that will ensure you can enjoy the results of your lip fillers for as long as possible.

Top 5 Lip Filler Aftercare Tips

  1. Apply a Cold Compress to Reduce Swelling

You will experience some minor swelling following your lip filler appointment but a cold compress can help alleviate this side effect. It’s also important to remember that your lips won’t stay this full because the swelling still needs to subside. You can expect the swelling to last a few hours to several days – only then will you see the final results of your treatment.

  1. Stay Hydrated & Healthy

Staying hydrated and eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals will help your lips to heal as they should. It’s also best to avoid any strenuous exercise and extreme temperatures for at least 24 hours after your appointment. Cigarettes and any medications that could thin your blood should also be avoided for several days.

  1. Give Your Lips Time to Settle

If you made an appointment with specialists for lip fillers, London Cosmetic Clinic, so that you can look your best for a big event, know that it’s best to wait at least 3 weeks before you apply lipstick. Your lips will need time to settle, which is why patients will generally schedule their appointments 4 – 6 weeks before a big event.

  1. Wait Before You Fly

If you have an international holiday in mind, it’s important to wait at least 2 weeks before you book your flights, which gives your lips enough time to recover.

  1. Don’t Skip Your Follow-Up Appointment

To ensure that you’re on track and that your lips are healing correctly, it’s important to schedule and stick to your follow-up appointment. Every patient is different and your clinician needs to check that you haven’t had any adverse reactions to the product and that your swelling is subsiding. During your appointment, your clinician might also suggest a second treatment should the first one not have produced the results you were hoping for. If your results are on point, you won’t need to make another appointment for several months.

Your Lip Filler Results

If there’s one thing that all patients want to know, it’s how long their lip fillers will last. Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to this question because longevity depends on everything from skin type and condition to age and lifestyle factors. How much filler your clinician used will also determine how long your results will last. On average though, most patients will only need a top-up treatment every 6 – 12 months but you will only know for sure once you receive fillers yourself.

Speak to your clinician about any additional tips that they might have to increase the longevity of your results.