All about Eye Makeup

All about Eye Makeup

If you are clueless when it comes to eye makeup, try this fool-proof method: Choose related shades of eye shadow – light, medium and dark – and follow these steps:

  • Apply the lightest shade from lash line to brow.
  • Apply the medium shade from lash line to just above crease.
  • Use eyeliner and the darkest shadow to line the lash line.

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You have to elongate small eyes to make them look big: Here’s how:

  • Extend brows. Using a slightly rounded brush and brow powder, create a square at beginning of brow; at midbrow, feather above the brow and extend to brow end. The elongation gives the illusion of a mini eye-lift.
  • Shade lids. Apply ivory shadow to lid, blending from brow to lashes and into inner eye corner. Then, blend brown shadow in crease from outer eye corner toward nose.
  • Lengthen with liner. With a charcoal gray, taupe or black pencil (for the most drama) begin lining top lashes at inner corner. Midway across lash line; widen the pencil line and angle it up slightly at the end.

Got the Greases?

Blame it on the season. When it is hot, the body cools itself by sweating. But when it is humid, swat does not evaporate – it blends with surface oils and gets trapped. The result is a greasy face. How to cope? Do not keep powdering; you will wind up with a cakey mess. Do try blotting papers. Powder-treated, they banish oil with one swipe.

Waterproof mascara: The removal technique

Waterproof mascara works too well: It does not come off, even when you want it to. The solution: Using a remover formulated for waterproof mascara, dab thumb and index finger with remover and gently take lashes between fingers. Work mascara off by rubbing fingers together. If remover is oil-based, swipe eye with a cotton ball to get rid of residue and splash with water. If remover is oil-free, rinse the eye area with water.

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