5 Fitness Apps to Help Manage your Health

5 Fitness Apps to Help Manage your Health

Exercise and diet; it’s something we all worry about but don’t really want to spend too much time thinking about. Suddenly, we now have a plethora of methods for recording and tracking our progress towards a fitness goal via fitness apps for use on smartphones and tablets. Here are five apps you should look for if you want to get healthier and to help you manage your health regime.

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WalkJogRun from Almost Awesome Inc is an app for anyone wanting to get outside and get healthier. It has 23 free training plans including 5 and 10k plans, alongside the half and full marathon. The really great thing about this app is that the GPS will find running routes worldwide, so if you’re away on business, or on holiday and wanting to run, you can with the minimum of fuss. WalkJogRun is £2.99 and the proud owner of a 5 star rating from users.


Strava Cycling is a free app that allows you to track and record you speeds, distance, elevation and calories during a ride. It also allows you to upload and store heart rate, power and cadence data via Bluetooth. You can get accumulated stats and check how you are doing against your personal milestones. Go premium (£3.99/month or £39.99/year), and see your “Suffer Score”. You can also compare performance with friends, fellow riders and even the pros.


Simply Yoga is just that. Two levels of difficulty with 20, 40 and 60 minute predefined routines. It also allows you to create custom routines. All routines come with audio instruction and video demonstrations performed by a certified instructor. Consider this your yoga class, wherever and when you want it. £1.99 at the AppStore.

Muscle building

FitnessFast is essentially a workout logging app and exercise library in one. Perfect for planning a workout on the spot, it also has the option for you to create custom workouts, giving the app a longer life for the small price tag. It tells you how many reps are left and has a built-in timer if you’re choosing to do as many as you can in, say, 30 seconds. You can also log super-sets, which is important for users looking to build some serious muscles. All of this is getting very positive reviews on the app store, but the clincher is the progress graphs. The app will graph your progress in any aspect of your muscle-building you care to input, which is a massive incentive for progress and a steal at £1.99.


Lose It! Demands that you lose weight and goes a long way to helping you with that difficult task. Just set your goal and the app will work out a daily calorie budget. Log your exercise and it will show you how much you’ve burnt today. As well as a comprehensive database of foods, the app logs your protein, fat and carb in take so there’s no more guessing. Lost It! Is free and comes with an online application that allows you to connect with others, while backing up all your data.

Samantha Rodgers is a freelance writer who loves to write about healthy living and keeping fit. Alongside her health and fitness interests she is also writing about the process of volunteering for medical trials and sites such as volunteers.gsk, which offer opportunities to take part in these trials.